How It Started

“Hey, Arlyn! What were you doing the very moment your daughter, Jill, was born?” is a question you could ask this journeyman baker and co-owner of the newly opened Destination Doughnuts. (“Psst … frying doughnuts,” is the answer.)

It was destiny, after all these years, to come together and build a business plan around doughnuts!

We are a family-run shop that offers 20 doughnut varieties daily. We cover all of the necessary doughnut food groups: seasonal fruits, chocolate, cheese, potato chips, cinnamon, and lemon (to name a few). Oh, and we also have carnival-style mini doughnuts!

It is so much fun working together! Our favourite part is seeing people walk in with smiles on their faces. Having the ability to chat with our customers in our open store design puts smiles on OUR faces!

Arlyn Sturwold

In the beginning, there was a wide-eyed, ambitious young man who dreamed of wielding whisks and piping with pastry bags. Little did this young man know that his dream would unfold, in the grandest of ways!

Arlyn Sturwold began his baking apprenticeship at the age of eighteen. In the four years to follow, he was formally recognized as a red seal journeyman (a trade certification that extends throughout Canada). Arlyn’s dream soon took form when, at the age of twenty-five, he assembled all of the necessary business ingredients to launch his first bakery in Spruce Grove, Alberta (aptly named, Grove Bakery). A bit later down the road, Arlyn opened up a second bakery, on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue, called Garneau Bakery. Arlyn divided his time between Garneau Bakery and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he was a distinguished instructor of the culinary arts for four years. There was more to unfold.

In 2017, Arlyn and his daughter founded the present-day Destination Doughnuts. This father-daughter duo continues to delight in creating a doughnut haven and heaven for their beloved customers. Destination Doughnuts is an ongoing, happy tale of what a journeyman baker and flavour creator are able to accomplish, delectably!

Linda Mah

In 2019, the father-daughter duo became a much-heralded trio with the addition of Linda Mah. Linda is renowned and highly-respected for her business development competencies and marketing strategies. Her expertise was given the chance to flourish during her tenure at Best Environmental Technologies, where she oversaw the company’s O-Phlo division.

Linda certainly is no stranger to the food and beverage industry, as she is a successful restaurateur in the greater Edmonton area. Over the years, Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit led to countless professional associations and alliances throughout the international business community. As Destinations Doughnut’s Business Development and Marketing Officer, Linda is on a mission to bring the father-daughter artisan creations to the masses.